A staple of more workshops, our lathe allows us to turn down motors shafts to a customer’s requirements, it allows us to bore out a blower wheel hub as needed along with many other tasks.

Metal Guillotine

guillotine With large stocks of sheet metal (16 gauge) kept on site this guillotine reduces the lead time on fan trays being produced meaning we are quickly able to service both small and large fan deck orders. Our new fan deck production times are now only 2-3 day lead time on average, a turnaround which is unrivaled in our industry.

Sheet Metal Folder

A sheet metal folding machine allows us to make almost any bend on a fan tray for use in fan convector units. No two trays are alike with their shape, size and tray format and having a folding machine in house allows us to rapidly response to a hotel or schools often urgent requirement.

Milling Machine

Another piece of equipment which is extremely useful and allows us to doing all alterations in-house which allows for a quick turnaround on bespoke products.

Hole Punch

Use for producing bespoke fan trays used in fan convector units, the hole punch has several punches to allow the quick installation of drain plugs.

Bench Drill

Our bench drill allows us to drill ready for tapping motor end shields or bespoke brackets. Many obsolete motors such as Ranco or Brook Crompton often need welding pads with an unusual bracket welding into place in order to replace on site with minimal effort on the engineers part.

Automatic Band Saw

Again for when a motor shaft needs removing or shortening this automatic band saw allows us to quickly, and cleanly remove a motor shaft before smoothing and capping at the end shield to leave a tidy impression.

Mini Metal Guillotine

Many alterations we have to perform are on small bespoke made brackets which in turn need welding onto a motor body.
For such small brackets this guillotine is invaluable to us and offers a great deal of flexibility.

Spray Booth

We have built our own in-house spray booth to allow us to respray fan trays that are being refurbished to look better than new.

With all of the above it is no wonder why we are the UK’s first call for building services, re-winders and heating service engineers.
We offer a truly professional service, with minimal lead time and great product quality.