Centrifugal Blowers

green_squareWe stock a vast range of forward curved centrifugal blowers, they are either single or double inlet driven by either a standard motor and shaft or an external rotor motor.

The smallest is no larger than a coffee cup whilst the largest is the size of a washing machine. As a result they have a multitude of applications both industrial and commercial and come in single and three phase supply ranging from 2 Pole (2500RPM) down to 6 Pole (950RPM).

The varying sizes enable us to offer a suitable replacement to most spares enquiries and our in house assembly means we are able to also make units to your specific requirements.

Most units have a choice of mounting (flange or feet) and come supplied with a capacitor.

Centrifugal Blowers – Single Inlet – Wheel Diameter




Centrifugal Blowers – Double Inlet

Direct Drive – 7/7 to 15/15