blue_squareA highly popular range, these small general purpose fans come in industry standard frame sizes.

They have the advantage of being able to be mounted in reverse to change the airflow with ease, and work with almost silent running. Predominately 2 pole they range in size from 60mm square up to 200mm, depths range from 25mm up to 90mm for the most common applications and they are available in AC supplies and special low “safety” voltages.

Pole Star are able to offer one of the most complete range of compact axial fans available to date in the spares market, and with our manufacturing facilities we can also have fans made to customer specifications (quantity dependant).

We stock the matching wire framed guards and fan filters from 80mm up to 150mm. These slim line protective guards fit to the front or back of the fan via the four corner points. Many of our fans are available either with flying leads or terminal pins, and for the terminal pin versions a 1metre cable is stocked separately.

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40x40mm, 50x50mm, 60x60mm, 80x80mm

90x90mm, 100x100mm

120x120mm, 127x127mm

170x150mm, 180x180mm

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Part Fixing Voltage Motor Connection Bearing Fan
Number Holes Power Type Type Depth
PS0625BL-2 50 12V DC 0.15A 300mm Ball 25mm
PS0625BL-3 50 12V DC 0.13A 300mm Ball 25mm
PS0630BL-1 50 230V 5W 300mm Ball 30mm
PS0825BL-1 71.5 230V 13W 300mm Ball 25mm
PS0825BL-2 71.5 12V DC 0.06A 300mm Ball 25mm
PS0825BT-1 71.5 230V 13W Terminals Ball 25mm
PS0832BL-1 71.5 24V DC 1.2W 300mm Ball 32mm
PS0838BL-1 71.5 230V 14W 300mm Ball 38mm
PS0838BL-2 71.5 115V 11W 300mm Ball 38mm
PS0838BT-1 71.5 230V 14W Terminals Ball 38mm
PS0838BT-2 71.5 110V Terminals Ball 38mm
PS0925BL-1 82.5 230V 16W 300mm Ball 25mm
PS0925BL-2 82.5 12V 3W 300mm Ball 25mm
PS0925BL-3 82.5 24V 2.4W 300mm Ball 25mm
PS0925BT-1 82.5 230V 16W Terminals Ball 25mm
PS0938BL-1 82.5 230V 16W 300mm Ball 38mm
PS0938BT-1 82.5 230V 16W Terminals Ball 38mm
PS1337BL-1 148.2 230V 18W Leads Ball 37mm
PS1225BL-1 104.8 230V 18W 300mm Ball 25mm
PS1225BL-2 104.8 24V 3W 300mm Ball 25mm
PS1225BL-3 104.8 12V 0.37A 300mm Ball 25mm
PS1225BT-1 104.8 230V 18W Terminals Ball 25mm
PS1232BL-1 104.8 230V 300mm Ball 32mm
PS1238BL-1 104.8 230V 21W 300mm Ball 38mm
PS1238BL-2 104.8 230V 21W 300mm Ball 38mm
PS1238BL-3 104.8 110V 300mm Ball 38mm
PS1238BT-1 104.8 230V 21W Terminals Ball 38mm
PS1238BT-3 104.8 110V 16W Terminals Ball 38mm
PS1738BT-1 162 230V 35W Terminals Ball 38mm
PS1738BT-2 162 115V 32W Terminals Ball 38mm
PS1751BL-1 162 230V 300mm Ball 51mm
PS1751BL-2 162 24V 1.45A 300mm Ball 51mm
PS1751BL-3 162 115/230V 300mm Ball 51mm
PS1755BL-1 162 230V 44W 300mm Ball 55mm
PS1890BT-1 152.7 230V 72W Terminals Bearing 90mm