EC Guard Mounted Axials

blue_squareOur Electronically Commutated guard mounts (ECM) are up to 68% efficient compared to around 40% efficiency from a standard PSC (Permanent split capacitor) guard mount.

With new ERP regulations and a push to be green EC guard mounts are soon to become a more common sight on installations and re-fits alike.

With the cost of energy ever rising and the need for all of us to help reduce CO2 emissions, Pole Star Products energy efficient fan motors are a must for any forward thinking business.

Our ECM motors have many other benefits over standard motors – call us for further information on how our motors can help your business.

Type: ECM motor
Supply: Single 230V, 50Hz
Poles: Variable
Speeds: Variable
Enclosure: Totally Enclosed
Ratings: Dual reted
Insulation: Class B, IP54
Bearings: Sealed for life ball  bearings
Temperature Rating: -25°C to +60°C
Connections: Flying Leads (450mm)

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